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City of Lansing, MI has a new city councilman and it's not me

Lansing City Council: I only need four votes to represent the Third Ward

Later today or tomorrow, I am going to turn in my application to be considered for an appointment to the Lansing City Council.  The position is for the unexpired portion of a term of our third ward councilman.  The new appointee would serve til the end of the year.

Why would I want to do this, you ask? 

I think I could contribute something positive to the operation of our city where I've lived most of my adult life.  I have no political ambitions.  I would not run for election to a seat on the council.  All I'm interested in is being an effective placeholder on the council for the person who would be elected to the position later this year.

During this interim period of now and the election to pick a replacement for the member who resigned, it's vital that our Third Ward be represented and that governing in the city not miss a beat. 

Because of my background, I know the importance of governmental officials working together to get budgets passed and to allow governing to take place.  My identity with a political party or a particular group is not important.  What counts is my desire to see the city of Lansing remain a great place to live, to raise a family and to work. 

Yes, I would use a blog (s) to get people involved  and to give their opinions and concerns about life in the city.  What the Third Ward needs is interaction with its local leaders.  A blog would help make this happen, along with making myself available and visible with the people I would represent.

My knowledge of city government and its specifics is limited.  However, I am a fast-learner and, right now, I have the time and the capability to do that.

To get there, I need four votes from the existing city council.