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Making plans for more blog power in mid-Michigan

MeetupFour of us met last night at the Nuthouse on East Michigan Avenue in Lansing to plot a revolution of sorts.

The word "plotting" makes it sound more sinister than it was because all we were trying to do is organize bloggers in mid-Michigan of all stripes.

We see the changing nature of communication and we've seen how this change is gradually filtering down to grassroots America and for us how it starting to be used and talked about in an area made famous by Michigan State University, the Michigan State Capitol, Oldsmobile, General Motors, and various other people, things and institutions.

The four of us who ate Buffalo Wings and other goodies and sampled various refreshments are at various stages in our blogosphere experience.  They see the potential for blogs to provide platforms for everybody to have a say in whatever interests them.

Our next steps are starting come into focus:  We will be starting a mid-Michigan Bloggers blog, a Yahoo discussion group and will look towards holding another get-together depending on interest that is shown.

So far, the core group consists of me and you should know me from this blog.  Others include:

The goal of the organization effort is to help bloggers share information, get questions answered and to help those who are thinking about starting blogs.

We had been trying to organize through Meetup and because it doesn't seem to work well in our situation, we will probably change to something that's more informal and more specific to our needs.