It's hard to not be sarcastic about MI House Dems and their plan to give iPods to every kid
Michigan iPod controversey: Just so you know what you're giving every kid, what is an iPod?

Michigan iPod controversey: Do iPods have a role in K-12 education?

New Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon has proposed and now apparently pulled back an idea to give an Apple iPod to every student in our state.

Because of our state's economic condition, it's easy to stomp on this idea from the Michigan House Democrats without looking at the pros and cons.  Okay, so what would the benefits be of giving every kid their own iPod and how would it fit into their education?  Speaker Dillon must have had some evidence of this having worked someplace else.

I did a Google search and found a number of sites about using iPods for education.  But most were linked to Apple sites where the computer company extols the virtues of this technology in the classroom.  Maybe, I didn't click far enough but I didn't see any case studies from K-12 classrooms.

Education World lists several sites where teachers use them for themselves. 

Maybe Speaker Dillon and his advisers could share their information.  This would be good stuff for a House Education Committee meeting.  Perhaps even the Senate Education Committee.

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