Michigan iPod controversey: Do iPods have a role in K-12 education?
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Michigan iPod controversey: Just so you know what you're giving every kid, what is an iPod?

In Michigan where the State House Democrats want to give an iPod to every school-age child, there's probably more than a few parents and grandparents asking, just what is an iPod?

Ipod The danger in learning the answer is that you will probably want one and you will learn to love it.  You can listen to music.  You can watch movies.  You can store still pictures.  Basically, it can handle, depending on the model, just about any audio or video content.  And, it can be easily download to your device. 

Millions and millions have been sold by Apple Computer raising the bottom line of the California company and making its stock attractive for those who have it.

Take a look at the Apple description of the device and its various models on its website. 

I'm sure it has potential applications for education.  But for entertainment, it can't be beat easily.