Do you feel the joy today, Easter 2007?
Easter 2007 in Indianapolis with our family

Stuffed peppers: One of my all-time favorite meals

I never really learned how to cook, but I certainly learned how to eat and to appreciate food.  Growing up in Bay City, my mom would make stuffed peppers a couple of times a year.  I developed a special

Stuffed_pepper_2 fondness for the dish.  And I'm sure that's why my wife likes to make it on occasion.  It's something that i eat with enthusiasm and appreciation.

Ingredients included ground beef, onions, rice, tomato sauce.  She put it in the oven for an hour.  The wait was worth it.  It brought back great memories.

To top it off, she served fresh strawberries topped with yogurt.  We also had a salad.

I checked the recipe files on and they had more than one thousands recipes for stuffed peppers.