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Is it amateur hour in the Michigan Legislature or is there a plan to rescue the state?

While Ford Motor Co. struggles for its life, new CEO takes $28.2 million for three months

If new Ford CEO Alan Mulally is trying to lead by example, he should have some rough times with the United Auto Workers during this fall's negotiations.

Today's Detroit News says that Mulally got $28.2 million for his first three months on the job to save the Michigan-based automaker that's struggling for its very life.

The new CEO has been closing down plants and cutting jobs and affecting employee's livelihoods to save the company.

During national contract negotiations this fall, the UAW and its member employees will be asked to make huge sacrifices.  Count on it.

Does Mulally wants the blue-collars to follow his example?  Probably not? 

I'm not impressed with the new Ford guy.  When he first came, he seemed like he had a handle on issues.  But he certainly doesn't follow the paradigm of leading to provide an example.

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