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You decide: Should MI Supreme Court Justices be given free state cars for business and personal use

Okay, you decide if the Michigan Supreme Court Justices are leading by example.

They and members of the Michigan Court of Appeals get free cars to drive when and where they want.  The state of Michigan picks up the tab.

Now let's provide some context:  The state of Michigan is in big trouble with a state budget that is much bigger than the revenues that are taken in.  Vital human service programs are being affected, like foster care, Medicaid.  Prisons are being closed and thousands of inmates are set to be released because the state can't afford them.

Michigan's top judges feel they deserve the perk.  Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Cliff Taylor explains:

He uses his car, a 2005 Ford 500, for work, commuting, law school visits, ceremonial functions, and occasional trips to the grocery and for dinners out.

While his vacations don't typically involve a state
car, he said, using one "would be perfectly permissible."

"That is the reigning interpretation. I've never heard anyone challenge it."

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