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Are Concordia University-Wisconsin students blasphemers or just being kids with their video?

How should you react when a bunch of pre-seminary students from your denomination--in this case, the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod--make a video where they act out on a church altar a rap song where they make fun of everything we should hold sacred?

In this case, it was at Concordia University in Mequon, Wisconsin where they make a mockery of the Lord's Supper and where women claw at the student playing the role of the pastor on the altar. There's more that you can read about. Read this and then share your thoughts; were they just young guys having fun or were they guilty of some pretty gross blasphemy?

Click on the PDF links for the school newspaper and then click on the response of the Rev. Paul McCain.

UPDATE: By the way, according to the LCMS website, May is Pastoral Education Month. Perhaps, these Concordia students were getting ready to celebrate that.

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