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Are Concordia University-Wisconsin students blasphemers or just being kids with their video?

Are Gov. Granholm's cost-cutting actions meaningful or just political eye wash?

State government in Michigan is running out of money quickly.

This weekend the State Legislature is apparently meeting to work out an agreement to make cuts and raise taxes. It's Memorial Day weekend and state lawmakers have seen this coming for months. But they have been unable to reach agreement with themselves or Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Now Granholm has issued an Executive Order eliminating the Michigan Department of Civil Service and moving those people into the Department of Management and Budget (DMB). And she's also eliminating human resource offices in other state departments and putting those functions in the DMB.

There's no word from the governor's office on any cost-savings. They don't know yet.

This is supposed to be a response to the state's urgent money problems, but nobody knows whether and what effect it will have.

Doesn't that seem like a strange way of responding? They're doing something just to be doing something.

Did Granholm make a bold move or is she playing the role of leader at what's seeming more and more to be the asylum at the State Capitol?

Is this just eye wash? It looks good, but does nothing.

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