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Give Ford CEO Alan Mulally a grade for his job in leading ailing company

How would the average citizen grade Ford CEO Alan Mulally's performance at the ailing auto company?

Ford Chairman Bill Ford said today at the company's annual meeting in Delaware that Mulally is just what the corporate doctors ordered.

Michigan and Ford  go together like Dutch and chocolate and Apple pie and ice cream.  At least, that's the way it used to be.  Everybody knew about Henry Ford, the Model T, the Ford Museum and the assembly line as developed by guess who, Henry Ford.

Then growing up in Bay City, there was the local Ford dealer, Paul Ritter.  Around late summer and early fall, the community would gather around the dealership's parking lot for sightings of new, yet-to-be released models.  An on our shopping strip where all the young showed off their rides, there were the big shots with Thunderbirds.

Are those days gone forever?  Has Mulally brought up closer to Ford pride? 

All I see is bad news about how the company is tottering on the edge of becoming extinct.  Is this bad news just part of the turnaround process?

For the average Michigander, has Mulally shown any evidence that he's worth the more than $20 million a year Ford is paying him?

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