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My wife was reading the Local & State section of the Lansing State Journal this morning and started reading the Great Grads listings from the local schools.

This morning, they listed the top 10 graduates from Lansing Christian School along with some basic facts like parents, activities, honors, philosophy, favorite quote and book and future plans. It also listed their inspiration.

Who would I put down for my inspiration?

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It would have to be my mother, Frieda M. Thorp (Moll). She died more than 10 years ago, but she has left an imprint on my life that will never be erased.

Sure, Jesus Christ is my most significant inspiration. But, through her life I learned what the love of Jesus looked like. She reflected it in everything.

If it hadn't been for her, I'm sure that I would be a different person. I learned how to love and how to get up when you fall down or when you're knocked down.

Yeah, I was by a single-parent. We didn't have money. She literally had to count pennies. But, I felt like I never went with out anything.

Because of my mom, I feel I'm a better person, husband and dad.

Hopefully, I've helped pay it forward to my kids and they will pass it down to their kids.

My wife is an inspiration to me too and so was her mom.

These are three women who have left an imprint that won't be worn away by the winds of time.