If there was a Hall of Fame for Mothers, my mom would be in it
Author Karen Kingsbury keeps my wife up late at night.

Should Michiganders be concerned about reports of sexual and racial slurs against black women?

It would be easy to ignore the story on page one of the Lansing State Journal about how a black female conservation officer had to endure sexual and racial slurs among colleagues and superiors.

Then you start to think about what happened to Lt. Linda Copeland-Morgan of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  What if she were my mother, my wife or my sister.  I would be disgusted that such things still happen today in a supposedly more tolerant culture.

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Everybody has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.  An investigative report showed that Lt. Copeland-Morgan was not. 

What happened to her as outlined in the report was wrong.  The Michigan Legislature should be all over this with legislative oversight and demands that this state department change. 

Michigan Republicans and their Democratic counterparts should be demanding that Gov. Jennifer Granholm examine other state departments for such behavior. 

It has no place and it needs to be dealt with firmly.