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Speaking of customer service: I might be switching from Lansing MI ACD to . . . for internet service

I called ACD tech support, here in Lansing, MI to ask about my DSL service which I have through them. It wasn't working. We pay about $50 per month for the service and have been relatively happy, mainly because of the support when something didn't work.

They always seemed anxious to please and to get their customers back and online. That was worth the extra we payed.

Then came the other day. All of a sudden I lost the internet. I doubled-checked things I knew about, including power cycling. Still no service. I called ACD tech support and we repeated the same routine.The tech suggested that I check the box outside our house where the DSL line comes in.

I looked inside the box and didn't feel confident about pulling wires out and inserting a wire directly into the box from my modem. They said they would send a tech out the next day.

On the next day, I had to call them after five o'clock to find the status of their effort to help me. Their tech told me the problem was on their end and that they would fix it there.

My customer evangelism or word of mouth for ACD.net is on hold.  I'm not impressed with their service. I will be checking with Comcast and other alternative services, in the meantime.

Anybody have similar or different experiences with ACD.net?

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