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We won't be switching our shopping allegiance from Meijers to Walmart

We've given the new Wal-Marts Super Center on the southwest side of the Lansing area two different tries.  We wanted to see if shopping there would provide a difference in our shopping experience. 

Hey, we were open to the possibility of saving money while shopping for groceries and other needs.  And we were open to an upgrade in our shopping experience.  What do I mean my that?  I mean anything that will make that time more enjoyable.  It might be a cup of coffee or it might be arranging the store to encourage more community among the shoppers.

When we walked into Wal-Marts, we were greeted by a sign bloviating about low prices and right below that there were bananas for 50 cents per pound.  That's not cheap. 

We then walked over to the grocery section.  There was nothing that would want us to come back.  The variety of groceries was poor and the prices were not inspiring.   

It's back to Meijers on West Saginaw next week.  There's a qualitative difference in the variety of groceries and in the price and the atmosphere is much more friendly.  We will be going back there if anybody's interested.

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