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Would Michigan citizens be better served with part-time legislature and no term limits?

State Rep. Lee Gonzales who represents a district that includes part of the city of Flint and some of the outlying area to the west has made a proposal that deserves statewide discussion.

In a letter to the editor of the Detroit News, he talks about the importance of having institutional memory in the state legislature in order to quarterback major reform in the areas that need changing.

He proposes that Michigan switch to a part-time legislature without term limits.  That way both houses of the legislature would keep people who know how to make long-term reforms need in tax, spending and delivering public services.

More experienced state lawmakers would also be able to motivate, educate and lead, he said, in the letter.

Indiana has a part-time legislature and they seem to be beating Michigan at getting good manufacturing jobs.

  • What do we need to do to get a statewide conversation going on the pros and cons of this substantive idea?
  • Where would the support for the change come from? 
  • Where would the opposition be centered?
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