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I think it was about two years ago that I first met Pastor Roy Olsen at a Beaners coffee shop here in Lansing, the heart of mid-Michigan. He was just getting out of the seminary and was here to visit his new church, Our Savior Lutheran Church.

He had a passing familiarity with blogs, but had not had the time to become more familiar. With the wi-fi in the coffee shop, he became an instant blogger. He got a half-hour crash course in the basics and he was ready to go.

Today, he's using his blog, The Road Less Traveled, to raise key issues with various demographic groups in our congregation with members learning how to respond through comments. Right now, women in the church are responding to a discussion about "What Women Wished Pastors Knew."

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It's not an easy discussion, but several women have bared their souls with examples of serious issues and feelings that they deal with.

I think Pastor Olsen needs to be applauded for his efforts. He's using technology to raise issues which need to be talked about. In church settings, they are usually reserved for abbreviated comments in a Sunday school class.

Perhaps, it's the beginning of increased community at our church.

It's a prime example of how blogs can help make that happen.