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iPhone line at AT&T in Lansing, MI

  iPhone line at AT&T in Lansing, MI 
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After watching the excitement over the introduction of the Apple iPhone in Lansing (MI), I'm starting to wonder what would happen if Steve Jobs was governor in this troubled state.

This state is facing an uncertain future, but the introduction of the iPhone was what people were talking about in Michigan's Capital City today. 

Just after six o'clock I went to the AT&T phone store on the westside of Lansing just across from the Lansing Mall.  There were two television stations with their live trucks and there was a line of people around the building.

But, most important there was excitement and there were people ready to make the financial commitment to own a piece of this revolutionary technology.

Can you imagine if Steve Jobs could do that for getting manufacturers to locate in the state?  Using his ability to create buzz and interest, he'd probably have new business lined up at the border to get into Michigan.

Maybe it's time to start a Draft Steve Jobs movement.  He's getting the job done for his phone.

Right now, Michigan's spokesman for recruiting business is Jeff Daniels.  Remember him in Dumb and Dumber?  The results have been similar to those of the movie, a few laughs and that's about it.

It would be nice if Steve Jobs could package his magic and make it work in the economic development area.

It won't be long and the big excitement in this business strip where AT&T is located will be when Weight Watchers meetings let out.