Southside block party shows need for Citizen Journalism in Lansing, MI
Lansing City Council member Bill Matt blogs about city response to southside block party

Are Lansing (MI) neighborhoods suffering from a lack of attention under Mayor Bernero and City Council?

I didn't know about the "block party" just south of us in our southwest Lansing (MI) neighborhood until this morning when I read the Lansing State Journal. 

The story tells about how a block party organizer got the city to rubber stamp his permit and how the part grew beyond a manageable size.  The Lansing Police Department apparently appeared in full force, including canine units.

Bits and pieces of how the party was apparently mismanaged and how the city reacted are starting to dribble out.

Mayor Virg Bernero and Police Chief Mark Alley apparently have gone door-to-door to apologize.

From my limited neighborhood perspective, it seems like the Mayor's focus since he took office has been downtown and its revitalization.  He and his subordinates seem to put much of their emphasis on attracting the young and high income crowd. 

And those of us who already live here are being ignored.

I hope I'm wrong and if I'm right I hope it starts to change.

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