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Blogosphere: Pray for Ruth Hallman, 76, leader who led neighborhood cleanup in Lansing, MI

I don't know Ruth Hallman, the 76 year-old woman, who was beaten in her own home in a neighborhood just north of here yesterday.

But, I've certainly heard about her successful efforts to clean-up an inner-city neighborhood that's just west of Michigan's State Capitol Building.  It had become a way-station for drug dealers and drug houses. 

It took one strong-minded old-woman to lead the charge to reclaim the neighborhood that many had given up on.  She didn't and she took on the bad guys.

She's president of the Genesee Neighborhood Association and she's the mom of Lansing City Council member Carol Wood who is also one strong and committed lady.

The blogosphere is big and it doesn't know geographical boundaries.  Please pray for Ms. Hallman.  She's in critical condition.  The perpetrator has not been caught.

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