At Lansing (MI) southside community meeting, there's good dialogue about block party
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Lansing (MI) radio listeners owe it to themselves to check out amLansing with Walt Sorg

At the (Lansing, MI) community meeting last night, it was standing room only and I had to wiggle into a small space against the gym wall when Walt Sorg tapped me on the shoulder.  It was great seeing an old friend who goes back at least three decades.

The meeting was called to get community feedback about a neighborhood block party that grew beyond a manageable size.  It had the potential to get ugly and turn into a racial confrontation between the police and the folks at the party.  More than 50 police officers were called, along with K-9 units.

To discuss what just about happened at the block party and to talk about changes the city made to the process to get a block party permit, the community spoke out at the meeting.  It was positive and it was open.  Young and old, black and white shared their concerns and their versions of what happened and they did it with respect.

Walt was there to gather information for his new morning talk show on WILS radio, 1320 am on the local radio dial.  He's new to the mid-Michigan radio talk show line-up. 

He brings a breath of fresh air, actually a tank of fresh air, to the local media scene.  Walt could have limbaughed it and used his program as a way to polarize the community.  It would be an easy way to gain regular listeners.  But, he didn't.

Walt Sorg is a former reporter at the Michigan State Capitol.  He's reported for local radio stations and Detroit television. 

His heart beats for people and for those who may have drawn one too many short straws.

I will definitely be listening.  I hope he has podcasts of his show and I hope he continues blogging.

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