Blogosphere: Pray for Ruth Hallman, 76, leader who led neighborhood cleanup in Lansing, MI
Murder of Lansing's 75-year-old neighborhood activist Ruth Hallman requires reflection

My mom: She should be an encouragement to all single-moms

My mom who died 11 years ago would have been 98 years old today.

I've written about her in this blog several times before and how her life is a testimony to all single-moms struggling through the challenges of raising a child with very little income and help.  She was born with an incredibly strong will that would never allow her to give up under any circumstances.

In the mid-forties, my father disappeared and never came back.  He never called, never wrote or never made any attempt to contact us.

Our family was me and my mother.  To her love was a verb and not a feeling.  She always loved me unconditionally and her commitment to me was never in question.

I'm sixty and I've had a happy life.  I know that even with the cuts and bruises of life that I've picked up along the way, that my mother's love was poured into the foundation of who I am.  And her love was a reflection of the love she felt from Jesus Christ.

I can't imagine the joy she must feel now being in heaven and in the presence of her Savior and her source of real life, Jesus.

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