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My Monday at the MI Secretary of State's office getting a new drivers license

My experience at the branch office of the MI Secretary of State this morning:  does it mean that here's a state agency that knows how to get the job done for the people?

I went there expecting that my patience would get tried to the max.  To get a replacement for my lost drivers license, I went to a fairly good-sized SOS office on the westside of Lansing, the State Capital City near where I live.

Walking into the office, I had all my necessary documentation plus a PDA filled with reading material and with the capability to send e-mail. 

It was a pleasant surprise to discover how organized the office was for an agency that serves a diverse set of motor vehicle needs.  I'm sure it can get much more crowded and that patrons can do more to show their impatience.  Even the clerk who wait on me was very pleasant and helpful.

Does this mean that the perception that government agencies are not efficient and don't work well for the people doesn't apply to the Michigan Secretary of State's office.  I was impressed.

Then when I got home I got a voice mail that my missing wallet with my drivers license was found.  Guess I have two now.