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Retirement to refirement: Live-blogging the trimming of the shrubs in Lansing, MI

I sitting on my front porch with my iBook in my lap using my new broadband service from Comcast.

Shrubs_3 I am trying to live blog the trimming of the shrubs in the front of my house.  Why?  For a couple of reasons; I'm not big into yard work and I'm even less into do-it-yourself stuff.  I've done the yard stuff and a little home maintenance, but I'm not very confident or competent.

TrimmerMy shrubs need trimming.  I have two tools for the job.  One is an electric hedge trimmer that's got to be at least 35 years old. My mother had use it way back when.  This Black & Decker tool seems to have dulled, but I'm trying to use it. I also have a pair of manual hedge trimmers from Sears.

I know hedges or shrubs--aren't they the same--are important to the appearance of a house and untrimmed,they look terrible.

I've run out of excuses. How long can I keep these old tools going?  I'll report back with pictures.