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Baby-boomer birthday: Thinking about life on the morning of my 61st birthday

Right now I'm sitting in our big Lazy Boy chair drinking Starbucks out of my favorite mug.  It's the morning of my 61st birthday. 

It will be a special day with my family, my wife, my son and my daughter who will be here in abstentia because she's traveling out of state.  In our families birthdays have always been a deal, a celebration of life and growth.

And, in my case, it's a recognition that I'm getting closer to moving out of my being "a senior citizen in training."  I'm a member of the first class of baby-boomers born in 1946 which means I'm 61.  I'm one year short of being able to collect Social Security.  To celebrate my 60th, last year, my wife and kids threw me a surprise party.

Before we eat waffles made from our new George Foreman grill, here are some thoughts about past and present:

  • I was born in Mercy Hospital in Bay City, the same place where Madonna was born.  That and almost two bucks will get you a coffee at Starbucks.
  • I was named after my uncle, Wes Moll, because I was born on his birthday, a couple minutes after midnight.  Otherwise, I would have been named Durward Dale Thorp, initials being DDT.
  • Growing up in Bay City, as far back as I can remember, our church Immanuel Lutheran would send a mimeographed birthday card with an offering envelope.  I always found something to give.
That makes the point that life--all life--is a gift from God.  I am really thankful to him for the life I've been given.  I've certainly been blessed.  This is a day to think about those blessings and where they come from.

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