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Blogosphere: How can good, solid, traffic-attracting businesses be brought to Logan Square, Lansing (MI) ?

It's time for our local--Lansing (MI)--leaders to engage the economic development experts in the global neighborhoods about how our city's southside Logan Square can be transformed into a regional shopping and dining destination.

Logan_2 There has to be other cities around the country and the world who have an old outdoor shopping center that has morphed into a collection of dollar stores and other businesses that attract minimal traffic.  There are thousands of cars that pass by everyday at the Martin Luther King Boulevard and Holmes Rd. intersection.

Consumers just need a reason to stop at Logan Square and they don't have one now.  The area seems to have been written off by local economic development officials who seem to place most of their emphasis on the downtown.

For economic development experts and shopping center consultants, around the world, what needs to be done?  How can local citizens get involved in encouraging officials? 

The potential is there for Logan Square to be an economic hub.

What's the next step to make this happen?  Comments are open.