Observations about having serial killer loose in our city, Lansing, MI
Is the local news media up to reporting next steps for alleged Lansing serial killer?

George Foreman waffles with my family on my 61st birthday

BdaayActually, it wasn't my whole family at the breakfast table.  I know my daughter was there in spirit to eat waffles from our new George Foreman grill made on my 61st birthday.

They tasted great.  We had turkey bacon, in addition, applesauce and some kind of juice. 

The dogfood at the left of the picture was not on our menu.  Our aging and blind beagle Snoopy will only eat her food at the table and on a plate.

Our son flew in from Washington D.C. to help celebrate and be home for the Labor Day weekend.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the day.  We will probably eat lunch out and then have a big meatloaf supper tonight.  There might be a Scrabble game in their somewhere too.