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Getting ready for new week: Two faith questions from South Church, Lansing, MI

As I plan my week, I'm trying to ask myself two questions I found written on one of the blank pages of my Bible:

  1. What has God not done in my life because of a lack of faith?
  2. Is Jesus amazed by my great faith or lack of faith?
The notation around the questions says I wrote them down in April 2003 after a sermon that my wife and I heard at South Church in Lansing, MI.  We had gone there to hear a Sunday morning concert by singer Marty Goetz who I had heard a coupleof years before at a Promise Keepers rally at Soldier Field in Chicago.

I turn 61-years-old on Friday.  I see some challenges lying ahead where faith will be needed to get me off the fence and keep me there. I'm intimidated that I've got more life behind me than I have a head of me.

I know who I have faith in. I really need to grab onto that.

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