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I don't know where to start, other than to say that our daughter Krista spent the past week of her vacation at home with us.  She's lives and works in another state and came home just to hang out with "ma" and "pa."

She left this morning to go back home where she works as a registered nurse and where she has a large network of friends centered around her church.  As her dad, I've always felt a special relationship with her.  When she was a baby and wake up in the middle of the night, quite often, I would get up with her and read Time magazine to her.

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We did lots of stuff as a family and we did lots of stuff with each other.  There were infant swimming lessons, gymnastics when she got older, our reading of the Harbor Book every night and then talking about the night she was born. 

Because of my work at that time, she spent lots of time with me in the Press Room at the State Capitol.  She was held by a United States Senator during a news conference.  There was the time where we got dressed up and went to a news media reception at the governor's house.  She was probably six years old.

Over the years, we had all kinds of conversations about everything.  They happened at the dinner table, after church when we all had lunch at Fazzoli's and doing errands. 

Then our relationship evolved as she grew through grade school, high school, college and nursing school.  During that time, she became an adult. 

After I retired, I really missed all the activity and involvement that comes from having kids at home.  We have a son too and he comes home at the end of the month.

But, even through our relationship has transitioned again, it's still strong.  We still talk about politics, piggyback mortgages, our growing and evolving personal relationship with Jesus Christ, mission trips and the pushes and pulls that come from daily living.

This past week has been great. I'm really proud of her.  She's quite a woman.  She lives intentionally.

I love being part of a family.  Next comes my son Justin.  Best job I've had is being a dad.

Oh yeah, this past week, we all did a bunch of stuff together, lunch with friends in Frankenmuth, a Lansing Lugnuts games, canning peaches with mom, grilled brats, a Pampered Chef party with mom and shopping at the mall.

I loved it.