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Word in Michigan: The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans

At the Lansing Mall here in mid-Michigan, I  recently saw a bumper sticker on a car with those words of warning about Republicans.  

As Michigan moves farther and farther down the slippery slope of decline, the partisan rancor increases.  Each party seems to hate the other and the party in the minority will do little to work cooperatively with the party in the majority.  Same could be said for the party in the majority working with the minority.

The state of Michigan deserves better.  The state won't progress until leaders of both parties learn to work together.  Republicans have a vested interest in seeing that Gov. Jennifer Granholm is successful.  If she isn't then our state goes down even farther.  

Last night at a church picnic, a friend said maybe it's time to pack up and leave the state for some place for people-friendly and that has less vitriol in partisan relationships.

Maybe that time's getting closer for a lot more folks.

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