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Does Lutheran World Relief know that their survey company is doing this?

Do you feel that this is being honest?

I just got a call where my caller ID said the identity of the caller was unavailable.  I'm not sure why I picked it up, but I did and the caller identified herself as either being from or calling for Lutheran World Relief.

They wanted to take a survey.  She said I would not be asked for a contribution.

I felt stung that my own church body--the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) --would use a survey firm where such secular and misleading tactics would be used.  I would have felt different if the caller ID had reflected the identity of the caller. 

Because of their tactics being like those of most other telemarketers, I declined the conversation.

Lutheran World Relief should apologize and should vow to be more transparent in its calling efforts. 

How is their ways different from the world's ways?

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