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Michigan's budget crisis: Detroit Free Press' Ron Dzwonkoski tells leaders to stop being pathetic

It's way too easy to blame politicians for possible shutdown of state government in Michigan

If you read today's stories in the Detroit Free Press about how Michigan's state government is close to a shutdown, it's easy to get a good blood boil going about its politicians.

It's their job to be responsible and pass a spending plan for the state for 2007-08, right?  That's why we elected them and besides they get a really fat paycheck to get the job done.  So what's wrong?

To find who's at fault, just go look in the mirror.  That's right, it's the person you see who shares a lion's share of the fault.  What do I mean by that?

Simple. The Michigan Legislature which seems to be irreparably divided is just a reflection of the people it represents.  Residents in the Great Lakes State are divided more than ever before.  There's no consensus on much of anything.

The state's political parties have leaders who are more concerned about winning elections and holding power than solving problems and governing.  Neither party is driven by principle.  Their passion is winning to hold power just for the sake of having it.

My fellow residents have fallen into their trap.  They are driven by their prejudices.  Perhaps it involves tax increases.  It seems there's almost a knee jerk reaction without either side listening.  The facts or the desire to get the facts are subservient to internal partisan prejudice.

The solution is not easy.  State residents need to recognize that they have abidicated the power that belongs to them to the elected politicians. Then they need to start taking their government back.  They must care about what functions state government performs.  They must talk about them and decide what they want.

The list of issues is huge.  But, while this is happening,  they need to demand that their leaders keep the government going.  There needs to be consensus and among honorable people, there should be the motivation and willingness to find it.

That's my two-cents worth.  Any other opinions?

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