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Michigan Republicans need to match their words with their actions

Michigan Republicans have been bleating for weeks about how they demanding spending cuts in the state budget.  They stuck to their mantra of cuts and reforms.  Now when the hammer is ready to fall on a state government shutdown, what happens?

They fold.  Their convictions turn to jello.  Michigan residents will pay more income and sales taxes and no apparent spending cuts. 

This is not good government.  It makes our state look like some banana republic where conviction and principle is tossed out the window for the whims of questionable leaders.

Democrats are no better.  They knew only one tune and that was to raise taxes.

How long will voters allow this vacuum of leadership on both sides?

Leon Drolet should look at circulating recall petitions for the whole legislature and for the governor. 

We need political leaders with the courage of their convictions and with wisdom.

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