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A post to my son as he returns to his home in Washington D.C.

Thanks for coming home to hang-out with me and mom over the long Labor Day weekend. We loved it.  Mom and I are both deeply proud of you and who you are.  But as your dad, let me state very clearly for you, the blogosphere and for the web archives that last forever, that as your dad, I am very proud of the man you have become. You're doing great.  You know who you are, you know your purpose, you know where your true identity comes from and your living life as an adult. 


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When you were a toddler and when I would help put you to bed, I would tell you that you are a winner.  Well, that's never changed.  You still are a winner in my book as your dad and in our book as your parents.  That doesn't mean that you won't make mistakes and have bad days.  But as I've told you and Krista, the secret is how you get up.  Work hard to maintain the passion you feel and look forward to each transition and passage that you will experience.  Life is a ride.  When you have one phase mastered, you move into the next and it doesn't stop. 

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While you were home, we loved the conversations, the meals, the wine, a few beers, Sequence games, a Scrabble game where mom won again, picking up the old Lumina again from Bill and Charlies, going to church together and having your high school friends over for supper. God has blessed mom and I with two kids who are both winners.  I am very proud of both you and Krista.  As we age don't forget the power of family and the important role they play. We are looking forward to visiting you in your new apartment later this year and viewing life from your side of the country. I Love  You, Your Proud Dad

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