It's Sunday morning which means another church service and sermon
Neighborhood street cameras move one step closer to reality in Lansing, MI

Think about the children of 28-year-old suspected serial killer

Here in Michigan's State Capitol city, 28-year-old Matthew Macon is suspected of being a serial killer.  He's suspected in the deaths of several women some of whom were brutally assaulted.

Today's Detroit Free Press has a story about how Macon has fathered at least four children with three women.  One of the children is eight years old.

Think of his kids.  Think of his position of being a father and then think about his preparation to be a dad.  If he's convicted, he won't stop being a father and his kids will not stop needing to know their real father.

How will his kids be affected by what he has done, what he has allegedly done and his inability to fulfill his role as a father.

Will the cycle continue with his children?  What can be done to stop it?  Can he start fulfilling his parental role from inside prison if he's convicted?

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