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Maybe I should raise the shades in my home office to see if the sun's out yet at 7:30 a.m.  There's the light of good news about Michigan bouncing off the virtual newspaper pages this morning.

First, the Detroit Lions who have the coolest logo in the NFL, are 6-2 at mid-point in the season.  Wow.  That has to mean something.  They have been perennial losers.  There's never been any discussion or disagreement about that in past years. 

This year it's different.  Check out the Detroit News' description of their victory yesterday over the Denver Broncos.  Hmmm. . . what's happening?  It was a pretty convincing win.

Then look at the Detroit News story about the new tentative agreement between Ford and UAW.  Looks like the union cut the ailing car company some slack.  They're working together, it seems.  Is that a correct reading of what happened?

Is this an omen for our state that when we have group effort that people will be pulling in the same direction?

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