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As a life-long Republican, my love affair with Fred Thompson was just a one-night stand

Fred Thompson.  Do America a favor and drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Go back to Law and Order and resume your career as an actor.  From what I've seen so far, you are not the real deal and definitely not ready for prime time in the White House.

The straw that broke the hope for me about his candidacy was this morning's story in the Washington Post about how his drug dealer buddy is giving him a special "friend's rate" to travel around the country on a private jet.  Thompson's response to questions about this was that he wasn't going to "throw his friend under a bus" just because he committed a crime and did prison time.

Read the story and you'll discover that the friend was a substantial drug dealer who had problems doing the right thing. 

Add this on Thompson's side of the ledger to his foggy memory about representing a pro-choice group and to  his actions to help connect his son with a lucrative lobbying client in Tennessee and any Republican with a modicum of ethics and good judgment should know it's time to get out the gong and say enough.