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Can I use this blog to help me wend my way through the transitions of becoming a senior citizen?


I've had this blog for a little more than three years.  And during that time I have tried to refine my purpose for it and have tried to identify my potential audience.

If I don't do this, then I'm afraid that this blog will wander out into the ozone of the blogosphere with2146112015_e403515462_m little noise and even less effect.  It's time for me to do it again.

I have firmly entered some heavy-duty transitions in my life and I want to make sure that I know where I want to go and what I want to do.

Then I want to make firm moves to get it done.  It's far too easy to let time slide by without anything to show for it. 


Here goes on my re-purposed thoughts on this blog:

  • First, my most important audience is me.  Yeah, I'm writing it for myself.  Why, you ask?
I'm sixty-one years old and I know the clock is ticking and that the number of ticks I have left are getting fewer and fewer.  More than ever before I want to make time count. 

This means knowing my priorities and devoting my attention to them. In the past, I've been very cause driven.   I've wanted to do my part to make this world a better place to live.

During much of my life I felt that I could best do that through being a newspaper reporter and then through politics.  That experience left me feeling less than satisfied that I was moving towards my goal.

  • This blog is a place where I can throw down ideas and see how they sound.  It might be a full-fledged treatment of what I'm thinking or it might be bits and pieces.  Firming up my beliefs is important to me.  With the Daily Grit, I can write them down on virtual paper and then refine them. 
Sometimes it might sound stupid, questionable, searching, curious.  But, it will be my thought process at work.
  • Second audience for this blog will be others who are searching for the purpose and for their place in the world.  Perhaps, there can be a synergy of encouragement and ideas that can be useful to others.
  • Third audience would be those interested in what I'm reading, what I'm hearing and what I've experienced.  I read a ton of varied fare online and I'd like to share it through links and comments.  I'm particularly interested in my home state of Michigan and how it deals with its serious problems. 
As a member of the first class of baby boomers, I've had a wide-variety of experience.  It's time to start sharing some of that for anybody who might be interested and who might gain from it.

I will continue this effort from time to time to refine my purpose for this blog.  My hope is that it will be valuable for me and for the audiences that I mentioned.

Reviewed again on Jan. 6,2008

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