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If you're Gen X or Y and looking for a church in Washington D.C., then check out The Church of the Resurrection

Sunday night, our son--Justin--took us to a service at his church--The Church of the Resurrection on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.  In a bunch of conversations, he has shared his enthusiasm for this conservative Anglican Church which caters to those in their twenties.

Well, we got a taste for what he had been talking about.  Walk in the front door just down the street from the Eastern Market and you feel the welcoming community from those who attend.  As somebody who is one year away from being able to collect a Social Security check, I felt very welcomed with many young outstretched hands attached to members who wanted to know more about my wife and me.

The packed service featured a liturgy that was embraced with spirit and with a gusto that signaled a strong desire to connect with God.  The message was focused on the hope of the Gospel. 

We saw lots of pens taking notes. There was also an adult baptism and there was Holy Communion. After the service, we went to Tunnicliff's Tavern, just around the corner from the church where we had supper.     

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