Some photos from our family Thanksgiving get-together in Washington D.C.
If you're Gen X or Y and looking for a church in Washington D.C., then check out The Church of the Resurrection

Is Pastor Ryan of The Crux in Indy just plain naive about what Christmas should mean?

While visiting during our family Thanksgiving celebration in Washington D.C. this past weekend, my daughter shared with me about her church's involvement in the Advent Conspiracy.  Their Gen X church--The Crux in Indianapolis--is trying to move its membership away from the consumerism of the season. 

They are taking on urban needs, including financial support for a struggling Christian school in the city, the Indianapolis Christian School.  These twenty-somethings are talking about getting involved in solving homelessness, AIDs and hunger. 

Listen to their Pastor Ryan on this YouTube video as he walks through the cold streets of downtown Indy at night and talks about how he sees Christmas changing lives--is he being naive, he asks: