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My conclusion after last night's CNN Republican YouTube debate: Nominate Ray Romano for president

I really want to feel good about one of the candidates for president on the Republican ticket.  That's why I watched almost an hour-and-a-half of last night's CNN Republican YouTube debate.  I even kept notes on my computer and I tried to watch with an open-mind. 

I know the importance of the upcoming presidential election.  This country is at a crossroads where citizens are feeling a significant level of distrust in their government.  Our future as the America that I grew up with and that I want to see in the future for my kids is being determined now and the prospects don't look bright. 

So, I watched and listened. My conclusion:  I would have gotten more out of watching The Amazing Race or Prison Break. 

What I saw were a collection of candidates who appeared to be more interested in holding power than doing something positive with it. I didn't see anybody who could rally our polarized citizenry and get them to reach a consensus on how to restore trust in our government.  Perhaps, Ron Paul came the closest to having unmovable convictions that recognized the limitations of government.  But, he has the same chances of winning the presidency as Barry Goldwater did in 1964.

My proposal:  Get the actor and stand-up comedian Ray Romano to run on the Republican ticket.  He played a role on Everybody Loves Raymond who was transparent and real.  He and his family had warts that they weren't afraid to show.  They had no pretenses.  They had their individual agendas and they bickered and fought to make them happen. 

In the end, they always came together for the good of their family. That's what this country needs right now.

So, what about it Ray Romano?    

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