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A sign from God that there's hope for Michigan: Detroit Lions are 6-2 at season mid-point

Maybe I should raise the shades in my home office to see if the sun's out yet at 7:30 a.m.  There's the light of good news about Michigan bouncing off the virtual newspaper pages this morning.

First, the Detroit Lions who have the coolest logo in the NFL, are 6-2 at mid-point in the season.  Wow.  That has to mean something.  They have been perennial losers.  There's never been any discussion or disagreement about that in past years. 

This year it's different.  Check out the Detroit News' description of their victory yesterday over the Denver Broncos.  Hmmm. . . what's happening?  It was a pretty convincing win.

Then look at the Detroit News story about the new tentative agreement between Ford and UAW.  Looks like the union cut the ailing car company some slack.  They're working together, it seems.  Is that a correct reading of what happened?

Is this an omen for our state that when we have group effort that people will be pulling in the same direction?

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Dr. Joe Stowell, former Moody Bible Institute president, has advice for Christian Right

How deeply should Christians allow themselves to get involved in politics? Many Christians work hard in the political arena with the goal of swinging our culture back to the Bible and to God.  Dr. Joe Stowell, former Moody Bible Institute president and regular Promise Keepers speaker, rights Christians to keep their focus on the right goal.  It's more important, he says, to introduce everybody, all political persuasions, to Jesus Christ and let God do the changing. He shares his views in his daily devotion on Daily Strength which is part of Radio Bible Class.    

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As a life-long Republican, my love affair with Fred Thompson was just a one-night stand

Fred Thompson.  Do America a favor and drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Go back to Law and Order and resume your career as an actor.  From what I've seen so far, you are not the real deal and definitely not ready for prime time in the White House.

The straw that broke the hope for me about his candidacy was this morning's story in the Washington Post about how his drug dealer buddy is giving him a special "friend's rate" to travel around the country on a private jet.  Thompson's response to questions about this was that he wasn't going to "throw his friend under a bus" just because he committed a crime and did prison time.

Read the story and you'll discover that the friend was a substantial drug dealer who had problems doing the right thing. 

Add this on Thompson's side of the ledger to his foggy memory about representing a pro-choice group and to  his actions to help connect his son with a lucrative lobbying client in Tennessee and any Republican with a modicum of ethics and good judgment should know it's time to get out the gong and say enough.

Michigan Republicans point big finger at Gov. Jennifer Granholm in You Tube video

Take a look at this video from Michigan Republicans about our state's fragile economic condition.  They use visuals which reflect much of the feeling inside the state about its future.  They point a big finger at Gov. Jennifer Granholm as the cause for the state's current world of hurt that it's experiencing.

Reading morning paper is no longer fun in Michigan

I grew up and lived much of my adult life grabbing a Detroit Free Press in the morning.  It was almost a ritual to grab the paper and sip some coffee before starting the day.  That's changed.

It's not because I read most of my news online these days.  It's for a couple of reasons.  First, the times here in Michigan are dark and getting darker.  Second, newspapers seem to no longer do the enterprise reporting that's needed to understand who's doing what to whom, why they are doing it and what the consequences are.  You get that kind of reporting with sports, but not with current affairs.

To show how life is taking on a gritty quality in our state look at this morning's online Detroit Free Press:

That's just a read of the top headlines. 

As winter weather gets closer and closer, Michigan looks more and more like a big carp that has been thrown on the river bank and is flopping around trying to catch its breath.