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Family get-together report: On Saturday morning we visited Washington D.C.'s Eastern Market

Thinking about what I have to be thankful for from the position of my son's apartment in Washington D.C.

It's day three of our family get-together at our son's apartment in Washington D.C.  He lives in an apartment building on the southeast side near the Naval Yard and not too far from the new stadium from the Washington Nationals.

Tonight is our belated Thanksgiving dinner to be cooked by our son.  We will have a special guest, a guy from North Carolina who's interested in our daughter and she in him.

During our walking around some of the sights--Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, National Mall, Starbucks, Library of Congress--I've been meditating on what I have to be thankful for.  Here's the tip of my list:

  • John 3:16--this verse from the Bible kept going through my head last night before I went to bed, when I woke up to pee and when I got up.  It's a verse that I learned at Mt. Olive Lutheran School in Bay City, MI for a Christmas program and it always stayed with me.
Over the decades, it's one verse that's stayed with me and at age 61, I can see that it contains the only real hope and truth for any of us.  I may not know what lies ahead for the world and the small role that I have in it. 

But, I know that God loves me and that I will spend eternity with him.  I live in that hope.

  • My wife Gladys who has loved me unconditionally for more than 26 years of marriage.  She's a God-reflector to me.  I see Him and His love everyday through her.  When God pointed us towards each other I was given more than I deserve.  I thank God for her everyday.  We have built together a library of memories.
  • Our kids Krista and Justin who have brought and continue to bring joy to my life.  My compendium of memories with the kids is deep and positive.  Being a dad has been the best job of my life.  Being part of their life and their growth is an experience that has topped everything else I've been involved with.  They are full-fledged adults and doing great.  They both have a personal relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ.
This is a start on my thanks list.  I will add as I go along during the next day or two.

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