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My family's "Deep, Dark, Secrets" finally being told at the end of 2007

How do you write your family Christmas letter detailing activities of the past year for you, your wife and your kids?

This year I'm writing it in Typepad as a project spread out over the next few days.  I will let my wife, my kids and others read it, then photocopy it to send to those who don't have or use a computer during the holidays.

To read it as I write it, go to the link in the top left-margin under the heading Pages and click on Deep and dark Thorp family secrets.

The writing, sending and receiving of our Christmas letter has become a family project where the snail mail version probably won't get sent out until Christmas Eve Day or the day after Christmas.

Do you like getting the year-end family reports?  What are some of the best?  The weakest?  The hard to make-it-through to the end ones?

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