Do voters really want to get rid of negative campaigning in politics?
I'm still undecided after last night's Republican Presidential debate on ABC

Did you celebrate Epiphany today?

Yup, superwife and I celebrated Epiphany today and we will continue when friends come for supper tonight.  How about you?

It started in church this morning at the early service where the pastor's sermon centered on Matthew 2:1-12 where the story is told of the wise men who traveled to visit the baby Jesus.  He retold the events and tried to tie them into our contemporary life.

Without a cup of black coffee at my side in the pew, my attention wandered.  The lights were low and I caught myself contemplating the pancakes we are going to have for lunch today.

But I do get the point, I think.  God's here and he's worth searching for.  He can be the difference-maker in this life and definitely in the next.  Where do you find him?  In church?  In the people at church? 

My wife is a God-reflector for me everyday.  When I'm not picking up on his presence, I just have to look at her.

Tonight, we'll have supper with our friends and then go over chapter 16 in Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life.  It talks about the command to love each other, especially fellow believers.