Will Michigan see Mike Huckabee as the Harry Truman of the Republican Party?
Did you celebrate Epiphany today?

Do voters really want to get rid of negative campaigning in politics?

Now tell me, do you really want political candidates to get rid of negative campaigning?  Think about it.

Maybe all the college students do who participated in yesterday's Iowa Caucuses and who voted for Barack Obama who campaigned on the promise to change the way we do politics in the country.  He seems to be saying that we need to be operating from a position of respect for each other, rather than the present slash and burn approach to political opponents.

As winner of the Iowa Caucuses will, Obama be able to get Washington politicians to turn in their old habits of ripping their opponent a new one during every election campaign?  Will he be able to set the tone and lead the way for Republicans and Democrats to work together and govern as they should be doing?

I think that all depends on the average person, you and me.

We like negative campaigning.  Otherwise, they wouldn't do it.  As a Republican, it's fun to hear the crap about the other side.  There's Obama doing dope.  There's Edwards paying hundreds of bucks for a haircut.  Romney knows how to trash talk pretty good. 

Until the average person demands change and tells Washington to stop acting like locker room bullies, it will continue.  All Obama's talk will be for nothing.

Too bad he's not in the Michigan Primary on Jan. 15.  However, it will be interesting to hear the Republicans talk about it.  You think they'll clean-up their ways?

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