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John McCain Townhall at Michigan State lacked passion of an Obama rally

Heading out to see John McCain at Michigan State University

I'm heading out to MSU in East Lansing to see if Republican presidential candidate somehow lost the Straight Talk Express that he says he's been riding on.

In his townhall meeting over the past couple of days, he has been talking about how he would bring Michigan out of the muck and mire of a bad economy in this state.  He has shared that, if president, he would restore our state to its former luster and levels of employment with good paying jobs.

Now does that come under the category of "I've got to hear this" or should it be a page in Harry Frankfurt's book "On Bullshit?" 

With all this talk about presidential candidates, could we be ignoring the people with the real power to accomplish change, the U.S. Congress?

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