On New Hampshire's primary election day, sorting today's choices here in Michigan
Heading out to see John McCain at Michigan State University

I'm on an almost archeological family dig--aka cleaning out junk

It's time to start pitching stuff I've accumulated over several decades, particularly from a cleanout of my mom's house when she died in 1996 in a small town north of here.

We knew she saved just about everything, but we didn't appreciate the extent of her effort. There were stacks of paper stuff that we just boxed up took home and pretty much ignored. This included treasures from the 20's, 30's, 40's and up to the present day.

In this post which I would like to update on a regular basis, I would like to list some of the items which have some historical interest in that it provides interesting facts and tidbits about that specific era. Here goes starting with my first contributions to this list:

  1. A receipt from Leix Bros.Dairy on 33 Tuscola Rd. in Bay City.  Dated, July 1, 1943, it was for $13.91 and paid for 27 gallons of milk.  The sales tax was 41 cents.  My mom came from a family of 12 who were left parentless at an early age.
  2. The financial report for Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bay City from 1942.  It listed over many small print pages what each member gave.  My mom who was single at the time gave $11.40 for the year. 
  3. The printed program for The Senior Walther League Variety Show on March 7, 1943 where two of my aunts, Rillyadele and Aileen Moll, and an uncle, Charles Moll,were listed as performers.
  4. A faded copy of an Extra edition of the Bay City Times from Sep. 1, 1960 after a 70 MPH gale slammed the city,leaving heavy damage.  The front page shows a picture of the Michigan State Police Radio tower on Euclid Avenue on its side after being blown over.
  5. A copy of a 1916 play called The Soap Club by E.J. Freund and published by the Antigo Publishing Co. in Antigo, WI.  The faded cover says the company provides dramatic plays for young peoples' societies. 
  6. A program for the dedication service of a new Mt. Olive Lutheran Church on Smith and Sidney Streets in Bay City on Dec. 12, 1954.  James L. Vogt was the pastor.  I went to elementary school there for six years.  
  7. An Easter Sunday, April 17, 1960 edition of the Bay City Times with a big photo of Pastor Martin A. Bertermann of Imannuel Lutheran Church proclaiming the ressurection of Jesus.  He stands in front of the very visual mosaic of Jesus at the church.  MORE TO COME

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