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On New Hampshire's primary election day, sorting today's choices here in Michigan

I'm still undecided after last night's Republican Presidential debate on ABC

I enjoyed watching the Republican presidential debate last night.  But, I find my preferences keep changing every few days from one candidate to the other.

At the beginning of the year, I felt an affinity towards Rudy Giuliani.  I liked his take charge, kick butt style.  He'd whip the U.S. Congress into shape, I thought.  Then my ardor for his cooled with his reaction to the prosecution of his former police commissioner in New York City and his seeming arrogance about just about everything.

My next presidential flirtation was with Fred Thompson. I did watch him on Law & Order and I do remember him from the Senate.  Maybe, it was his voice and his manner that drew me.  This guy seemed to ooze with command presence.  I'm sure you notice when he walks into a room.

Then there were the charges and his response about representing a pro-choice client. That was followed by charges that he used his connections to get his son some lobbying business in his home state.

A church buddy then urged me to take a close look at Ron Paul.  The Texas congressman brought back instant and pleasant memories of Barry Goldwater in 1964.  I firmly believe that government, at any level, does very few things well.  We can all point to examples of that. 

But, then, the owner of the Bunny Ranch, a brothel in Las Vegas, went on television throwing his personal and financial support to Paul and the candidate welcomed the support.  Umm...Brothel Owners For Paul doesn't have a good ring.  Then I heard his oration on isolationism for this country.  That's not rooted in any kind of reality.

I know that the time is coming to make a choice.

I share my leanings on my political blog, Politics Through Michigan Eyes.

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