Heading out to see John McCain at Michigan State University
Here's why I voted for John McCain in the Michigan Presidential Primary

John McCain Townhall at Michigan State lacked passion of an Obama rally

With less than two days to go before I vote in the Michigan Presidential Primary, I'm not farther along in my decision-making process after attending a John McCain Townhall. 

Superwife and I both went to the campaign rally at the Kellogg Center on the Michigan State University that was held a couple of hours ago.  The Big Ten Room was crowded with representatives of a variety of demographic groups which were mainly white.  2190364663_527c468e64_m But there were the young, the middle-aged and seniors.

Sen. McCain gave the same remarks that he's reported as giving at every other Michigan campaign stop. He would bring high tech jobs to our state and again make it a leader in manufacturing, but this time in high tech stuff.  Community colleges would play a major role, he said.  It came off as "blah,blah,blah."

The same remarks could have been given by any of the candidates, Republican or Democrat.  Our governor, a Democrat, has said the same thing many times.  Former State Sen.Dick Posthumus several years ago authored an in-depth report on the same topic where he proposed creating gold collar jobs.

What will I do on Tuesday?

I've flirted with just about each Republican candidate and still nobody seems to grab me.

Maybe, I will take a Democrat ballot and vote uncommitted.  Just kidding. Maybe. 

Sure people cheered for McCain.  There was plenty of hooping and hollering, mostly generated by the college Republicans with the energy and enthusiasm for just about anything GOP.

But, McCain did not seem to push the passion button of anybody there.  It was unlike that for Barack Obama where young people come out of the woodwork with the excitement to be part of a change movement.

This was more of an obligatory Republican thing where reporters had a chance to get some video for late afternoon newscasts.  Maybe it was better when you saw it on television than being there.