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My favorite son--Justin Thorp--joins Clearspring of McLean, VA

My son--Justin Thorp--has made his next move as a professional geek.  2146894052_2e7472c612_m_2 After completing a year with the Library of Congress as their new media person, he accepted an offer from Clearspring--maker of a widget platform, in McClean, VA. 

He will be the community manager for this up-and-coming start-up company and will be working with web developers around the world.  As a layperson, I have just a basic understanding of widgets, but I know they open new doors to distribute web content.  I've used many and I know that only the surface of their potential has been scratched.

Justin's excited about the job and about the company.  When he's excited, he get's other people excited and involved.  I've seen this since he was a young teenager.  He's an organizer and a networker who can get the job done.

I'm one proud dad.  He's a man of character, passion and skill.  Yes, I'm sure I'll be learning a lot more about widgets. 

Clearspring--you got a good guy.